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Popcorn and Peanuts Microwave Bowl Holder

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Peanuts, get your peanuts here!  And popcorn too!  A perfectly themed fabric for a microwave bowl holder.  Line your fruit and vegetable stands with them - great for keeping loose debris like onion peelings all in one place!

No more burned fingers when removing food from the microwave!  Simply place your bowl in the holder and warm your food like normal!  Also great for cold bowls like ice cream and cereal, and for dry snacks such as popcorn, candy, peanuts, pretzels and more!

Microwave use & laundry instructions will accompany each bowl holder you purchase. Perfect gift for family and friends!

    • Regular - 10 inch diameter, fits most food bowls
    • Large - 12.5 inch diameter, fits larger bowls 
    • Two layers 100% cotton fabric on the outside
    • Two layers 100% cotton scrim free batting on the inside
    • 100% cotton thread throughout
    • Machine washable & preferably air dried