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Customer Reviews

Hello I met you and purchased a couple items from you at The Just For Her Event at the Overland Park Convention Center!!  I was wanting to get a pillow "k"ase made for myself and my sister.  Just let me know. Love your stuff!

Danielle E.

Love visiting your booths.  So happy you still had the fiesta print with stripes so I could get my bowl holders to match!

Mary V.

Love your popcorn bag.  Works like a charm!

Ro S.

The BEAUTIFUL materials, the quality of the sewing, the variety of items in all price ranges cannot be beat!  These products have something for EVERYONE!  From babies to teenagers, adult men and women, families and friends.  I'm thinking ahead to Christmas...and want to get my order in early, as I've heard it gets really busy around Christmas...and no wonder!

Patty G.

I attended the Just For Her event Saturday, and got a potato bag. I love how fast and easy it was to make the potato in the microwave. It saved a lot of time, and I loved the different patterns you had. Thanks again.

Heather R.

The best pillow "k"ases anywhere.  I've had the Nerd pillow case for 2 years now, still loving it.  Very comfortable.

Mark C.

The flaxseed therapy pillow is awesome.  I have chronic pain in my neck from a car accident when I was a kid, this pillow is so easy to put into the microwave, sit back in my recliner and let the warmth soak in.  I've been using daily for a few months now, it's really helped the mobility and soreness.

Jerry P.

Absolutely love the stylish first aid kits!  I bought one for our home, our RV and for our car.  The one for the RV was really for my husband, so I got him the Army Green version which was perfect because he's a veteran!

Linda B.

Hi. I bought some pillow kases from you at the Just For Her Event. I love them. Would you please tell me what events in the near future I could find you at? Thank you.

Scarlett F.